bir dil asla yeterli değildir / one language is never enough

baking and vegetarianism. animals - especially reptiles and birds. fiction: all media. mythology and paganism. humor. art.
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  • Group of us:

    *playing Game of Thrones Board Game, uneasy alliances and contested borders splaying across the land*

  • Me:

    *singing Rains of Castamere under my breath*

  • Friend 1 to my ally, Friend 2:

    Shouldn't you be worried that she's singing that song?

  • Friend 2:

    I would be if I didn't know how much she liked that song. She sent me a playlist with ten different versions of it last week.

  • Everyone at table:

  • Everyone at table:

  • Everyone at table:

  • Friend 1:

    My question stands more than ever.

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Voice Acting: Goofy - The Rain of Castamere (Game of Thrones)

On a very stupid whim, I had the inspiration to sing the infamous Rains of Castamere as Goofy.

I’m sorry.

  • Track: The Rains of Castamere
  • Artist: The National
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signs secret abilities

  • aries: can write hella cute poems
  • taurus: amazing at putting together ikea furniture 
  • gemini: best mac and cheese maker around
  • cancer: can decorate cakes really good
  • leo: photoshop expert
  • virgo: can memorize song lyrics in a flash
  • libra: great at finding four leaf clovers
  • scorpio: super good with makeup
  • sagittarius: can take really pretty photos
  • capricorn: expert tree climber
  • aquarius: awesome at giving speeches
  • pisces:  can beat any and every video game
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Beyoncé on the VMA red carpet

In Luke 19:41 as Jesus approaches Jerusalem, he looks at the city and weeps over it (an event known as Flevit super illam in Latin), foretelling the suffering that awaits the city.[1][3]

The Gospels go on to recount how Jesus rode into Jerusalem, and how the people there lay down their cloaks in front of him, and also lay down small branches of trees.